About Bowman's

We are an independent family company, based in Sussex, providing high quality complete recipes, for all sizes and life stages, using the finest raw ingredients. Our generation of the family had not previously had dogs, but knowing we could offer a good, healthy lifestyle, that all changed when Asha, German Shepherd and Lily the Labrador, came into our lives. They have both been on Super Premium food since its inception.

The recipes are naturally hypo allergenic, formulated without Wheat, Wheat Gluten, Dairy or Soya and along with a great service and great value, you can offer your dog the healthy life thay need and deserve.

Try Bowman's Premium today and we will send you regular discounts via email so you will never have to pay the full price.

We are putting dog's health first, so give your dog the the food they deserve !

'Give a dog a Bowman's'


The Bowman Family