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Bowman's Prestige Chicken & Sweet Potato 12kg
Chicken & Sweet Potato Grain Free This Prestige recipe offers you 47% Chicken, with Sweet Pot..
Ex Tax: £40.99
Bowman's Prestige Duck & Sweet Potato 12kg
Duck & Sweet Potato Grain Free A complete totally Grain Free recipe provides optimum nut..
Ex Tax: £41.99
Bowman's Prestige Lamb & Sweet Potato 12kg
Lamb & Sweet Potato Prestige Grain Free Grain Free and Hypoallergenic, this recipe gives you ..
Ex Tax: £41.99
Bowman's Prestige Salmon & Sweet Potato 12kg
Salmon & Sweet Potato Grain Free This Hypoallergenic recipe gives you 42% Salm..
Ex Tax: £41.99
Chicken & Rice     12kg
Chicken & Rice for everyday adults Bowman’s Super Premium Chicken & Rice, a hypo-al..
Ex Tax: £29.16
Chicken, Sweet Potato & Herb 12kg
Chicken, Sweet Potato & Herb Grain Free Chicken is a highly palaltable protein, rich oin..
Ex Tax: £37.46
Duck & Potato     12kg
Duck & Potato with no added cereals or grains Bowman’s Premium Duck & Potato is mad..
Ex Tax: £32.49
Duck, Sweet Potato & Orange 12kg
Duck, Sweet Potato with Orange Grain Free Duck is a highly palaltable protein, rich in amino..
Ex Tax: £37.46
Lamb & Rice     12kg
Lamb & Rice for everyday adults Bowman’s Premium Lamb & Rice will provide a satisfy..
Ex Tax: £29.99
Salmon & Potato 12kg
Salmon & Potato  for sensitive adult dogs Bowman’s Premium Salmon & Potato a ..
Ex Tax: £31.66
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Small Bite Chicken & Rice 6kg
Chicken & Rice Small Bite ideal for adult smaller breeds Bowman’s Super Premium Chicken..
Ex Tax: £22.49
Small Bite Salmon & Potato 6kg
Salmon & Potato Small Bite ideal for adult smaller breeds Bowman's Premium Salmon & P..
Ex Tax: £24.16
Turkey & Rice     12kg
Turkey & Rice for everyday Bowman’s Premium Turkey and Rice a complete food with high l..
Ex Tax: £30.83
Venison, Sweet Potato & Mulberry 12kg
Venison, Sweet Potato & Mulberry Grain Free Bowman’s Venison with Sweet Potato and Mulb..
Ex Tax: £37.46